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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado the bay area under a tsunami warning. the evacuations and highway closures as the west coast braces for giant waves. and, of course, all this triggered by a powerful 8.9 earthquake. right now, we are learning two to three hundred bodies have been found in japan. the death toll is expected to rise significantly. it is friday, march 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie does have the morning off. time now 6:01. the death toll from that tsunami in japan has just jumped. we just learned that between 200 and 300 bodies have been found. at least 88 others were also killed. and nearly 350 people are missing. >> that number as mentioned
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will certainly go up. a dangerous situation also developing right here on the california coast this morning. a tsunami warning means evacuations west of highway 1 and parts of the linda mar area in pacifica, folks are heading for higher ground and in san francisco, the great highway has been closed, as well. >> and the tsunami from the major earthquake in japan is expected to be hitting hawaii right about now. people gassed up very early this morning as coastal areas on the islands were evacuated. the waves could be six feet or higher there. >> lawrence is tracking the latest warnings and this might be two to three feet but it really is a big deal, isn't it lawrence? >> it is. it's not like your typical wave moving onshore. you say a three foot wave, what's the big deal? this is a surge of energy coming off the ocean. it's going to last a good five to 15 minutes as that surge moves onshore. so water is going to be piling up and then on top of that, you have waves coming on top. so hey, folks, we are expecting this to arrive at crescent city
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at 7:23. 8:08 at the golden gate, 8:17 in santa barbara. this is one of those ones, there's a lot of uncertainty in the forecast. to be on the safe side we are asking people to move to higher ground in some of the warning areas especially along the coastline where they have already started to evacuate in some of the linda mar area and pacifica. this stretches all the way from washington down to point conception here. the further you go north, probably the worse but we are really watching the water along the coast and begins to affect right along the topography along ocean beach looking for waves to move onshore, also the linda mar area, you got that sand berm along the coastline. we could see flooding. also into half moon bay, you have a good cliff here most of that protected but toward el granada not so much. so we are going to have to watch out in those areas for some of the possibilities of flooding. christin ayers is at the coast where we are telling people to get up away from the beach there if you can because in the next couple of hours, we are expecting the waters to rise. christin.
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>> reporter: that's right, lawrence. we have seen law enforcement officials combing the beaches out here just trying to make sure that no one is out here in some of these low-lying areas and as that's going on we have seen a little change in the waves out here. there's definitely watered churning and the waves are sort of picking up just as we are standing out here. authorities are saying to get away from all of these coastal areas to try to avoid them and there are evacuations in effect in this area in parts of the linda mar area and east of highway 1 have all been evacuated. residents received automated phone calls earlier this morning to let them know to evacuate and head to shelters or to higher ground if they can. we have a list of the shelters that have been put in place right now. they are set up in a number of schools in the area, one is at terra nova high school, another at oceana high school, farralon view elementary school and pescadero high school. try to get to one of those shelters if you have nowhere else to g all of this is
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because of that 8.9 earthquake that hit japan earlier today. we are hearing of dozens of deaths in that case. and that has sparked -- there is not only damage from the earthquake itself, but it also sparked a massive tsunami in that area that has caused major devastation over there. and the effects of that also moving towards hawaii and then coastal california, as well. so certainly a lot of devastation, dozens of deaths. we're expecting to continue to hear more from the devastation from that earthquake but again, back here it's evacuations for several areas and people just staying watchful right now. the authorities who we just spoke to were sort of counseling us on where we could go if this water washes onshore which they are expecting to happen. so we probably will in a short amount of time be seeking higher ground to try to still bring you some of this information, as well. back to you, frank. >> okay, some good advice there, yeah. don't want to get wet, stay
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safe, and we'll see you in a little bit. now, with the tsunami warning looming overhead, san francisco officials are taking some early precautions. the great highway has been shut down completely. anne makovec with advice for people along the coast there. anne? good morning. >> reporter: yeah. we have been watching the ocean here. this is ocean beach behind me. i'm standing on the great highway which is closed to the public. i'm just a little bit south right now of the cliff house. and the ocean really looks pretty normal for this time of the morning. we are not expecting any sort of surge for at least another hour or two. about your we do have our eye on it. you can see there's even -- but we do have our eye on it. you can see there's even boats along the shore. there isn't a great level of concern here in san francisco. but as a precaution the great highway is closed between point lobos and 48th avenue to lake merced. now, we do know that a tsunami is apparently imminent, only about 2 to 3 feet high that could cause some coastal
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flooding. though, around 8:08. the main concern for beaches, low-lying areas, marinas and harbors. they are expecting an initial surge of water and then a series of about three to five surges to follow. again, really no higher than three feet tops. the good news is that the energy drops off inside the bay and that's why we are expecting a little bit less impact here. but it could still cause some damage. tsunamis even less than three feet can cause damage just because of the way the water is moving in and out for hours. it could damage some structures. now, you can see way down there, there are some police lights flashing. we have seen several emergency vehicles driving up and down the highway making sure that the public, nobody is in danger, people aren't hanging out here, no vehicles are driving in the area. we are planning on staying safe and just watching the conditions at this point. emergency vehicles did let the media through. you can see a few other cameras there. everybody hoping to catch whatever surge might be coming here. but again, also trying to play
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it safe. no evacuations in the sunset neighborhoods. >> people are staying put for the most part? >> reporter: this road is closed and there is a cliff on the other side so we don't see a lot of traffic. i have, though, seen some joggers through the area. again, not a high level of concern here along the san francisco coast. we saw the boats earlier, we see a few joggers, everybody is waiting for any sort of warning that doesn't appear to be coming to this area. >> we still have a lot of time, too. another 2-plus hours. anne makovec is live in san francisco near the cliff house. there is a major backup at half moon bay as people try to evacuate there. chopper 5 is up showing a sea of brake lights. gianna franco has the latest. >> look at these live pictures from chopper 5. people are just leaving in droves for the evacuations. they have even pulled off to the side of the roadway once
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they hit higher ground. we had a couple of phone calls this morning. there is major congestion in the area. cars are going slowly through there. it looks like vehicles are pulling over and once that area gets full, people are continuing to move east as far as they can. again, this is due to the tsunami evacuations along the coast there. and this is traffic coming out of half moon bay. if you're traveling highway 1 taking 92 near 35, this is where you're going to see this congestion, a mile of cars, very slow and go. bumper to bumper through this area. so traffic just moving eastward most of those delays are heading towards 280 and 101, of course, we'll continue to keep you updated. i want to let you know about a couple of other things impacting what's going on. highway 1 along pacifica getting very busy as well so give yourself some extra time due to the evacuations out of the linda mar area. flights are impacted due to the earthquake in japan. united flight 837, 838 and 837
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-- they are not cancelled yet but some are impacted or delayed. delta, japan airlines, as well. so call your carrier before you head to sfo to get that information. bart may be holding trains between oakland and daly city from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. today because of the tsunami warning. right now all bart, mass transit is on time. no delays. we have 49 trains. but again, if they do make that closure or stop the trains for that period of time, we'll keep you updated. back to you guys. >> thank you. here is the very latest. the tsunami that crushed coastal areas of northern japan is rushing across the pacific right now. hundreds of people are reported dead in japan from the tsunam and the earthquake. 8.9 quake hit friday afternoon japanese time. there have been many aftershocks, some of them with a magnitude of 6 or higher. of course, we are monitoring all the very latest developments from the japan quake. and we are continuing to keep an eye on the tsunami. you can always get the very
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latest on our website, it is 6:10. our coverage continues on the bay area evacuations from that tsunami warning. >> reporter: possible impact on public transit. i'm simon perez live at the lake merritt bart station. we'll tell you which stations might close because of the tsunami. ,, [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it's 6:13. a calm ocean beach as you can see. churning up a little bit but the great highway has been shut down, some folks heading to higher ground there, although they are not evacuating in that area just yet. as we await a tsunami, there is a tsunami warning up and down the california coast after a massive earthquake why japan. we have also learned that bart is now considering a partial shutdown this morning because of that tsunami warning. our simon perez is at bart headquarters at the lake merritt station in oakland so simon, are we still just waiting for word? > >> reporter: yes. i just checked the bart website and still no update on whether they are going to close the stations. let's tell you what may happen. here's the plan that bart is
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thinking about. between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., it may close the stations between west oakland and daly city. now, of course, the ones between west oakland and the embarcadero, that's because it's the transbay tube and they don't know what effect a tsunami may have on the tube but also the ones because embarcadero and daly city because they are underground. if water got into the system and mixed with electricity that could be dangerous for the riders so bart is considering closing from west oakland all the way to daly city. bart is still consulting with scientists and the usgs and watching news reports to decide whether it needs to close those stations. so far, no word yet. so still trying to get an update on that and still waiting to see, could have a major impact on public transit across the bay area. this would be an unprecedented closure, elizabeth. bart has never done anything like this before. the definition of course of unprecedented, but they do want to make sure that it's safe. they don't know what would happen. imagine if water crashed the transbay tube down through the
6:16 am
embarcadero through all those or stations, it could be a disaster. so out of an abundance of caution they may close it. no word yet. if it happens, it would be between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. if the tsunami caused any trouble to the bart system. >> so they are monitoring news reports, waiting. is there a deadline that they ar setting? 7:00 is coming up in 45 minutes. >> reporter: it is. they are apologizing to people. they want to be sure they get this right. you can sign up at and have the link there to the and you can see the information on your phone as well just as we are getting the information. but that's exactly what they are doing. they are waiting to see -- of course, it would be a major disruption so they don't want to do it if it's not going to be a big deal but on the other hand they don't want a disaster for riders and employees. so they are waiting to get as much sure information as they can. >> all right. as we have seen in the past
6:17 am
when bart shut down previously it causes gridlock all over the roadways, bay bridge, it could be a mess for commuters as well. >> reporter: and i was just going to say, of course, i mean, it just makes for a disaster for the commute. but again, the opposite would be also a disaster and even worse. >> for sure. all right, simon perez live for us this morning in oakland, thank you. we have mike mccarron on the telephone right now. overs at sfo airport. and i guess the tsunami warning is certainly affecting some of the flights there especially those that are heading overseas to japan. mike what can you tell us? >> well, it's not the tsunami, the earthquake itself. most flights between san francisco and tokyo have been cancelled. we have one flight coming in a delta flight that will land around 7:10 that took off an hour before the earthquake occurred. all the other flights scheduled to take off after the earthquake have been cancelled and the return flights have been cancelled, as well. so we have information on united, delta, is it and all
6:18 am
nippon airways flights have all been cancelled. no information from jal yet but i imagine those are cancelled, as well. >> are people trying to get out of japan, any flights going out? >> i have no information on that at all. >> so best advice for people i guess just look at the website, right, check ahead. >> right. that's the what we are doing. check with your carrier. >> how many flights to japan do you guys actually have at sfo? >> we have five or six a day. >> so best to check and right now, it appears that they are all cancelled, is that correct? >> right now looks like most flights are cancelled. as i said, the one flight that got out before the earthquake will land at about 7:10 pacific time. >> okay. mike mccarron from sfo, we thank you, sir. >> all right. time now is 6::18. we have reporters standing by all along the california coast. >> plus, transit brought to a halt in japan. the latest on hundreds of people stranded at train stations in japan, coming up. live chopper 5 over highway 92 and 35 where hundreds of
6:19 am
cars are lining the highway for evacuations due to the tsunami warning. chp has also issued a traffic control in the area. we'll have more on this coming up in just minutes. engers at a train station in t ng,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating...
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welcome back. 6:21. live pictures of the great highway. as you can see, they do have a tsunami warning here for the california coastline. a little choppy out there. but it is on its way. it hit the hawaiian islands and we are expecting surfs up to 2 to 3 feet, waves coming in from that tsunami warning sometime after 8:00 this morning. so brace yourselves for that. >> let go to video from earlier yesterday. this is japan. this is video of passengers at a train station. this is in tokyo while the quake was happening and you can see the platform signs, shaking, obviously some panic there as people are aware of what's happening. passengers look shocked. the subway cars, in fact all forms of mass transit, really halted right now and passengers, some passengers while the quake was happening were left waiting on board.
6:23 am
>> waiting for information. the country completely paralyzed right now. flights out of the united states are not going into japan. those have all been cancelled and we await the by-product of that earthquake now, a tsunami warning up and down the coast of california let's kick it over to lawrence now and find out what's going on. >> yeah, guys. i live out by the coastline and this is one of those things you always worry about out toward the coastline. it's beautiful out there, but you know, the prospects of tsunamis are real and that's what we have this morning, a tsunami warning in effect from the north all the way down to point conception. looking at heights now possibly of up to 3.3 feet. now, i should give you a little update. we are looking at the hawaiian islands and worried about their tsunami to get an idea of what ours would be like. now, theirs came in under what was projected. we are hoping that happens here because we would see less damage. expected to see this wave move onshore at 7:23 at crescent city, at golden gate at 8:08, at santa barbara at 8:17. remember, this is not your
6:24 am
typical wave. this is really the energy being transferred from that earthquake that was 8.9, really catastrophic earthquake, in japan. and really surging all the way across the pacific at about 600 miles an hour. it's hard to believe it can move that fast but they really move in a hurry. we are watching the possibility of a tsunami all the way from the north coast up into washington, all the way down to point conception, of course, the san francisco bay area in between. if you live out at the coastal sections, ocean beach, be very, very careful. i would head inland if you can. they are already evacuating in the linda mar valley and pacifica, especially the upwards area here. we have a nice sand berm but there's not much protection if it should breach that berm. also, toward half moon bay, we are watching about the possibility of that tsunami especially toward el granada where the ground is a little more low-lying there, so a good idea to get away from the water's edge, let this pass. hopefully it will not be that big of a deal but there's a lot of uncertainty in the forecast. and it's better to be safe. all right. let's get a check of traffic now with gianna. >> that's right, lawrence.
6:25 am
better safe than sorry. we are going live right now to chopper 5. we have been monitoring traffic out of the half moon bay area. you're looking at live pictures right now. highway 92 right at 35. droves and droves of cars are headed east along highway 92 to higher ground. they are pulling over to the side of the roadway once they get to a safe area. things have gotten very busy in this area. chp is on the scene providing traffic control. this is highway 92 eastbound near highway 35 out of half moon bay. if you're leaving highway 1, give yourself some extra time. use an alternate if you can or, you know, just expect to see some delays but, of course, use caution and if you are in one of those areas that needs to be evacuated, probably should get on the road through there. a couple of other things going on. we are keeping a close eye on the pacifica area, highway 1 and we have been monitoring people through that area have gotten lots of calls. there is extra busy conditions there along highway 1, for folks evacuating from the linda mar area, crespie also affected. desolo, linda mar boulevard, that whole portion through
6:26 am
there is affected. so give yourself some extra time there. also, bart later on between 7 and the a.m. depending on the conditions or how bad the tsunami wave is we'll probably see closures between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. if that's necessary. but right now all bart. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all on time. rest of the bay area problem free. the only thing to watch is the great highway is closed between lincoln and sloat. back to you guys. >> she lives in pacifica so she knows this area so well. >> actually right after the commercial break we are going to talk to her husband who we understand they were actually evacuated this morning. >> he is sitting up there on 92 and 35. he will have a live report via the phone coming up in just a moment. we are going to leave you right now with some pictures, this is of hawaii. and as you can see, is that hawaii? >> that's honolulu. >> okay. we have some sunlight there. and right now, the surf is churning pretty good there and heading our way. much more coming up right after
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good morning, everybody. if you're just waking up, a massive earthquake in japan has sparked a tsunami warning up and down north america, south america, parts of russia, indonesia and we are supposed to see the remnants of that tsunami sometime after 8:00 this morning. >> that's right. evacuation orders in effect for parts of pacifica this morning. and with us over the phone is pete franco, we should let you know that's gianna franco's
6:30 am
husband, our traffic reporter. hey, pete. i understand you were packing up this morning. >> yeah. absolutely. got to get all the guitars and amps and dogs and the kids and get them to higher ground. >> hope you have a big car. >> yeah. yeah. i got a truck luckily. >> you know, gianna tells me so you're in the linda mar area on the one of the lowest streets in the area. >> yes. absolutely. we're directly in the flood zone. so yeah, we're just hoping that we have a dry house to come home to today. >> what was it like getting out of pacifica and going up the highway and getting to higher ground? chopper 5 is showing us that it's gridlock up there and a lot of folks parked on the side of the road just kind of trying to wait for this tsunami to come and go. >> yeah. absolutely. everybody was gradually waking up this morning. now it's starting to, you know, everybody is starting to evacuate so yeah, definitely. >> were people pretty scared this morning or was it calm?
6:31 am
>> it was pretty calm but, uhm, you know, i mean, we are hoping for the best. >> yeah. all right. >> i understand you're heading to work now so he is on the roads so is it pretty busy? you're on highw 92? >> yes, especially gas stations and things like that. >> at least you had a little warning last night before you went to bed. this hit about 9:46 last night. >> at 4:30 this morning we got a call from the county that was a recorded message saying about 8:00 this morning, you know, the tsunami was expected to hit. and so, you know, everybody should evacuate the neighborhood to a certain point. you know, which is a few blocks back, you know, from us. so we are right in the middle of it. >> well, safety first. no doubt about it. okay, pete. well, have a good day at work and the best of luck to your
6:32 am
house. >> thank you. >> he is obviously getting the latest updates all morning from gianna, as well. >> it is 6:31. coming up, evacuations and highway closures, we have team coverage of the tsunami and evacuation just beginning in pacifica. and we'll pinpoint the exact areas that have been evacuated and where evacuees are being told to go. >> and we have an eye on the ocean here along the coast in san francisco. the great highway is closed. we'll check the conditions coming up. i'm simon perez live in oakland at the lake merritt bart station. we'll have an update on your morning commute and how it could be affected by a tsunami. ,,,,
6:33 am
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coast right now... a tsunami warning.. in effect after a powerful earthquake in es - could hit people are getting away from the california coast right now. a tsunami warning in effect after a powerful earthquake rocks japan. the waves could hit here in about 90 minutes. >> evacuation orders were ordered in hawaii overnight as the tsunami sped across the pacific at hundreds of miles an hour. the first waves hit the islands just about an hour ago. they reported a tsunami at least three feet high on oahu and kauai. more waves are expected and they could be bigger. >> quite a friday. welcome, it is march 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. it any does have the morning
6:36 am
off. time now is 6:35. sydnie has the morning off. tsunami waves could hit santa cruz in less than an hour. right now evacuation already under way in that area, as well. cassandra treasure jones joins us live from santa cruz county with the latest. good morning, cassandra. >> reporter: good morning. i'm out here by the wharf and they have shut down the wharf. i have to tell you i was surprised. i have actually seen surfers getting into the water. people here to see anything they can see a lot of people of preparing for possible evacuations and getting their cameras ready. a lot of people very interested in what's going on down here. and we'll keep you updated on the latest of course life in santa cruz, i'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you. surfers, they love this stuff. i know hurricanes, they will surf in the middle of that. is it crowded? there's actually guys out there waiting for this to hit. >> reporter: there are three surfers in the water right now and i have seen some other
6:37 am
people walking down so people getting a little brave out here this morning. i know i wouldn't be hitting the waters especially with the tsunami warning but there are a lot of spectators over here with their cameras getting ready for anything that may come on shower. >> what about the people down there. are they nervous? i know you're up on a cliff a little bit near the wharf at santa cruz and you got cliffs pretty much going all around monterey bay although there are some low-lying areas. are there evacuations down there or is it pretty much wait and see? >> reporter: some of the residents that i have spoken with said they haven't had any evacuations yet. i did speak with a man earlier this morning who is actually not from this area, but he got woken up at 3 a.m. by his wife saying you need to turn on the news, so many people a little scared. but many people are more curious than anything. they want to see if they can maybe see the tsunami coming or see of in they can see the waves increase onshore. >> it is coming we understand about 90 minutes away. cassandra treasure-jones live in santa cruz, thank you. let's get right to lawrence
6:38 am
tracking the latest warnings. i know lawrence you have been monitoring hawaii very closely, as well. >> yeah. guys, i understand the curiosity factor. people want to see the tsunami but folks, this can be a very, very dangerous situation. and we are talking, you know, it doesn't sound like a lot. it's two to three, maybe a little over three feet. but folks, this is a surge of energy that's been shooting across the pacific at over 600 miles an hour. and all that energy ends up on the coastline just continues to surge onshore. that will go on for a good 5 to 15 minutes. so that could be devastating. and if you happen to be caught in that, of course, that can be very deadly. well, we are expecting the arrival time at 7:23 at crescent city, golden gate at 8:08, and santa barbara at 8:17. there have been people evacuating moving to higher ground. if you live in coastal areas, this is one of those times to be on the safe side because there's a lot of uncertainty in the forecast. it's a good idea to head to higher ground. we do have the warnings in effect all the way from washington through eureka into the san francisco bay area down to point conception.
6:39 am
some places to watch out locally, ocean beach, be very careful in this area. you have all these homes built right along here. you want to move inland if you can just in case. also, toward the linda mar area, they are evacuating in the front of the valley here. now there's a berm right here at the front of the valley. if for some reason that wave should crest that berm all this area right here, pretty much below sea level, so a lot of these homes could be inundated and that's why they are evacuating. in toward half moon bay we are also watching there, although there is a pretty good cliff toward half moon bay and that will probably keep that water confined but up near el granada right up in here, they don't have much in the way of a cliff. they could see some inundation because every that tsunami. again, it's not necessarily that it is going to happen. but this is one of those times that you have to be very, very careful. you don't ge a second chance. let's go to christin ayers in pacifica. >> reporter: lawrence, we are live here at linda mar beach where one of the evacuation
6:40 am
orders has been put out. neighbors in this area have cleared out early this morning after getting automated phone calls telling them that their area had been evacuated in parts of the linda mar and here at the beach you can see some of the waves starting to swell in. you see those waves rolling in just a little bit erratic. we have seen them pick up. in fact, we saw a surfer out here coming to assess the waves and see whether the beach was truly closed and whether she would be allowed to catch some of those waves. again, there are evacuations all through parts of linda mar and led take a look at where those evacuees are being told to go. terra nova high school, oceana high school, farrallone view elementary school and also pescadero high school, all of those places are areas that are on higher ground and they are where authorities are telling people to go to get away from the coast. if we come back live, you can actually see we are going to pan over so that you can see where people are actually taking shelter. if you take a look just right
6:41 am
there into the hills, you can see a line of people pulled over on the side of the highway. they have heeded the warnings and gone to higher ground. but they have also pulled over so they can get a good bird's- eye view of any activity coming in on the coastline. so we're not the only ones who are watching out here to try and see just how high some of these waves swells will get. again, expected to be anywhere from 3 to 4 feet out here in just about an hour, hour and a half or so. and again, people are standing by and watching but also heeding the warnings and taking shelter. back to you guys. >> yeah, christin, it seems a lot of people are hanging out in their cars off the side of the roads. have you heard are the school shelters busy? are people heading there? >> reporter: we don't know yet. certainly this warning came in early enough that would you think that people would certainly be taking shelter there. i believe the warnings came down around 5 a.m. or something around there. so certainly a time of morning when people wouldn't
6:42 am
necessarily go the next town over and knock on a friend's door or something like that. so the shelters are there. we don't know how well they are being used but they are an option if you can't get to higher ground anywhere else. >> thank you, christin ayers in pacifica. with coastal flooding a top concern the great highway has also been shut down. and that's where our anne makovec is. she tells us police are patrolling the area to be sure drivers are staying away. are they heeding that warning, anne? >> >> reporter: you know, we have seen a few joggers in the area, a couple of people here taking pictures, which as we said is certainly not advised. we have also seen several law enforcement vehicles driving around to make sure that no vehicles are getting through here. vehicles are being stopped at the side streets before the great highway because it is closed from 48th avenue to lake merced right now. i am just south of the cliff house restaurant. take a look at the ocean here
6:43 am
behind me. it really looks normal for this time of the morning. and we are about, well, a little more than a half hour apparently away from when a tsunami is expected to hit. we have been told it's imminent, 2 to 3 feet high which really isn't that high but lawrence has been talking again about that energy that has been tooling across the ocean our way. the good news here in the bay area is that a lot of that energy drops off when it gets inside the bay. the danger is the low-lying areas, beaches, marinas, harbors, there could be some flooding. the concern is the surge coming in and out time and time again. we don't know what to expect. but you can see some lights down there, they are trying to make sure that the area is clear but kind of an erie sense of calm in general around here. it's very quiet.
6:44 am
and again, from my perspective, at least, the ocean is normal. no evacuations in the sunset or richmond districts the closest residential areas here. elizabeth. >> that's good news. okay, anne makovec live. we thank you, anne. let's push it over to gianna because a lot of folks including your husband having trouble getting out of pacifica to higher ground. >> she gave him a head start this morning so he beat the traffic, right? >> reporter: i did. i walked in and said linda mar is evacuated, that's a pit in my stomach so he had a head start. a lot of folks doing the same thing. live pictures from chopper 5 right now just a sea of cars for people trying to evacuate out of the coastal areas. el granada, half moon bay, pacifica. highway 1, 92, 35, skyline on upper 35 is really backed up all the way down to the bottom of the hill. you can see cars once they get to higher ground are pulling over to the side of the road. obviously it's safe there. but, you know, chp is on scene providing traffic control because of the connecticut con.
6:45 am
we are seeing just a sea of -- because of the congestion. we are seeing a sea of cars. we can see lots of red on the maps so indicating slow speeds. 280 showing yellow so once you get out of 92 over to 280 along the peninsula, there are delays there, as well. so avoid the area if you can. from christin ayers's live shot, roberts road near crespie, that's very high up there but there is congestion through there. i have had some phone calls from neighbors and friends asking about highway 1. highway 1 is open but again extra busy. skyline has delays, as well. bart later on 7:00 to 9:00 there is a possibility they may shut down trains because of the tsunami warning. right now, though, all trains are on time so far 53 trains,
6:46 am
no delays. if they shut down trains, we'll update you. back to you guys. >> we are busy. >> yeah. all right, thank you gianna stop. 6: 45 now. it is one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. >> it is. devastation in japan this morning. the latest on that tsunami evacuations here in the bay area and a live report on possible bart closures. much more coming up. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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6:49 am
and we continue our coverage on that japan earthquake. right now the coast guard in japan is searching for a ship with 80 people on board that was washed away by that tsunami. and just within the hour, between 200 and 300 bodies were found, at least 88 other people are confirmed dead at this hour, at least 350 are missing and those numbers are expected to rise throughout the day. the magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit friday afternoon japan time. it was followed by a powerful tsunami. there have been many aftershocks, some of them with a magnitude of 6 or higher. very powerful earthquakes. also, it triggered some fires along the coast of japan, flames tearing through refineries, oil refinery, up and down the coast of japan. and firefighters had a lot of trouble containing them. it was spread throughout areas there. major earthquake damage
6:50 am
reported especially up in the northeastern area of japan. and the earthquake and tsunami in japan also having an impact on wall street this morning. i would imagine the nikkei is in a lot of trouble. let's check in now with jason brooks with kcbs and jason, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overseas markets took a beating after the earthquake and especially the nikkei in japan fell 1.7% on the news. so far wall street is hanging in there. of course, a lot needs to be seen as far as the devastation. big impact on the price of oil. it's down below $100 a barrel. japan is the world's third largest importer of crude. right now, the market is edging slightly lower. the dow is down by 11, nasdaq off by 1, s&p up by 1. wall street getting a little bit of a boost this morning from stronger retail sales in february. but we are coming off a very rough day yesterday. and we'll see what happens in the middle east and, of course, any fallout from the earthquake
6:51 am
in japan. >> all right. jason brooks, we thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and well, bart may shut down part of its system including the transbay tube because of the tsunami warning. simon perez is at the bart headquarters. he is at the lake merritt station, has been all morning long with an update. simon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. bart is considering shutting down the stations between west oakland and daly city. of course, between west oakland and embarcadero that's because there is a transbay tube in between that's under water but also between embarcadero and daly city because those are underground. and if somehow, some way something happened to the transbay tube and water got into all the other underground stations, with all that electricity going through there, it could be pretty disastrous. the very latest is, is that bart is going to wait until it sees what happens at crescent city at 7:23, about a half hour from now to decide what it wants to do. it's really dialing back the severity and likelihood that it's going to have to close the stations but you're still going to want to stand by to make
6:52 am
sure that you know exactly what does happen. so once again, bart waiting until 7:23 to decide whether it's going to close those stations between west oakland and daly city. all morning long we have been concerned about this and, of course, better to close and cause a traffic jam on the surface streets than to have people in the trains underground with water. 7:23 is now the cutoff time for bart to announce whether it's going to shut down stations because of the tsunami. let's go to gianna now with a broader look around the bay area for traffic. >> yeah, thank you, simon. we are keeping a close eye on all these delays and we are going to stick with these live pictures from chopper 5 so you can just get an idea of the magnitude of people evacuating the coast. lots of luck. the cars you can see once the people get to higher ground they are pulling off to the side of the road and lining the highway there. this is live highway 92 at 35. these are for folks out of half moon bay, el granada, that whole area. chp is on scene with traffic
6:53 am
control. it is causing congestion through the area. avoid the area if you can if you are trying to get out of the area. things are moving, everything is open but again expect some pretty busy slow and go -- pretty substantial delays through that area. now let's go to our maps. i want to get you updated on a couple of other things. we just good word there are some school closures. pacifica schools are closed, cabrillo, altavista. highway 1 very busy this morning for lots of folks trying to get out of pacifica especially the linda mar area so we are seeing delays on highway 1, crespie, linda mar boulevard. people are lining their vehicles along roberts road over the ledge higher ground so they can see where the coast comes in through there but 35 also busy upper skyline we heard some substantial delays there also. great highway still shut down between lincoln and sloat. they plan on keeping that closed at least until the midday today. also, getting reports of muni lines in that area are also
6:54 am
going to be closed near the sunset area or actually muni lines are going to be at least rerouted or delayed through the area or shut down. of course we'll continue to keep you updated. bart also a possibility as you heard from simon just moments ago, so things very busy through there this morning. i don't want to ignore the rest of the bay area, metering lights are on at the bay bridge, east bay no major accidents to report, just a few delays at the toll plaza. lawrence has the forecast. >> we have monitoring the earthquake in japan, the devastating earthquake there that's generated a tsunami and we have been trying to get an idea of just how strong the tsunami is going to be as it approaches the west coast. a better idea of that as we see what's happened in hawaii. now, honolulu is somewhat protected. they are away from really the trend of the earthquake sweeping across the ocean. they had a 2.2 tsunami. maui facing more westward a 6- foot tsunami, and 3.4 feet at
6:55 am
hilo. it came in as forecast between 5 to 6 feet in the hawaiian islands. here in the bay area, we are looking at a tsunami maybe 2 or 3 feet, maybe just above that, so we are watching out especially toward the coastal areas some of those low-lying areas got to be very careful. crescent city arrival at 7:23. these are not specific times. these are just an idea. at the golden gate about 8:08. santa barbara about 8:17. if you live in some of the coastal areas near the water, to be safe, it's a good idea to head further inland. get to some higher ground. still got some time to do that. the warnings extend all the way from washington down through eureka in through the san francisco area and point conception. we are worried about some of the areas that we have seen some evacuations already. ocean beach, watch out there. waves expected to move onshore a little later on. linda mar area has already seen some evacuations, especially because right here you have that nice funnel. see how this is shaped right here? nice little bay. it's beautiful to look at but
6:56 am
it can really focalize some of that energy from the tsunami and if it breaches that sand berm in the front of the valley you could see flooding in the low-lying areas. also into half moon bay, they have a pretty good clip right out of here in front, not so big a problem here but toward el granada they don't have the luxury of that and that means the possibility that they could see some flooding. we don't know how big this is going to be once it makes landfall so we are asking everybody to be prepared and safe for this. could very well be over 3 feet. it's not your typical wave guide. we are talking 2 to 3 feet but we are watching the water surge onshore coming across the pacific at 600 miles per hour and that wave will continue to surge onshore for about 5 to 15 minutes. so better to be safe in this case. that's the latest from here, guys, back to you. >> time now 6:56. let's go out to some live pictures right now. this is what it looks like near ocean beach. again, we have been telling you portion of the great highway shut down this morning. >> the great highway has been shut down. no evacuations just yet south
6:57 am
of the cliff house but they are asking residents to be diligent if you feel like you need to get out, feel free to do so. but right now, folks in that area are pretty good shape but down in pacifica, they are evacuating. >> different story there. low-lying areas west of highway 1 being told to evacuate especially the linda mar area pacifica areas of el granada evacuated to the east of coronado street. there are several evacuation shelters in place. you can see those list of schools on the screen. >> if you are in the pacifica area, you know there is a lot of traffic going up and over the hill. get to higher ground. you need a place to stay until this is come and go, feel free to go to one of those schools and they will take care of you there. >> and let's go quickly to chopper 5. we can see people are getting out of dodge this morning. getting out of those low-lying areas. seems like a lot of people are hanging out by the side of the road in the cars waiting for word of what to do next.
6:58 am
>> well, it should hit within the hour up at crescent city and here in the bay area, sometime between 8 and 8:30. continuing coverage of evacuations and closures from the bay area tsunami warning coming up. stay right there. year after year. ds more in yot feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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